Make Christmas Decorations Out of Old Wire Hangers

For most of us, we have a whole closet full of old wire hangers that will never get used. Of course, if you don’t have any old wire hangers, I’m sure you can find someone who does or you can pick some up at a Salvation Army or other second hand shop. They’d probably be more than happy to trade a wire hanger for a nice plastic one any day. If you’d rather skip looking for them, you can buy wire hangers too.

Make Christmas Decorations

It is fun and easy to make Christmas decorations out of wire or even old wire hangers. These decorations can be used, given away, or even sold for some extra holiday cash.

So, how do you make Christmas decorations that will work with your Christmas theme?

Since it is metal, these decorations will go with anything. It depends on if you add flowers, glitter, lights, berries, or any number of other items to the finished product on how the actual decoration will look.

For example, here is a wire decoration that was made to enhance a Christmas dinner table. All you need to do is wrap the wire around something round to make the initial shape. Then, pull the top and bottom wire wraps to make them bigger and your done. The wire napkin holder sits perfectly on a plate and looks festive and expensive!

Try bending the wire hanger into large letters for a wall or front door. You can even use the wire hanger you’ve just made into a letter to make somthing very festive. All you need to do is cover it with Christmas garland or tinsel in any color you choose. Some people like silver tinsel. Others like: gold tinsel, pine greenery, blue tinsel, pink tinsel, red and green tinsel, you name it someone loves it.


For a truly unique way to make Christmas decorations, try making a star with a tail. You can make a regular star or a star the shape of the Bethlehem star. Either way, these are so cute and make great gifts too. Another great way to use old wire hangers is to use them as handles. How? Take a look at the picture above. The handle on the jars used to be a hanger. If you’d like to have directions to make it, visit

Christmas Decorations to Give as Christmas Gifts

Do you have that one person that you just don’t know what to get them for Christmas? I have one like that. I know what she likes and I’ve known her since we were in elementary school, but each year I struggle with the perfect Christmas present.

Last year, I decided to make her Christmas gift. It was a Christmas wreath for her front door. She loved it so much, she didn’t take it down until around Valentine’s Day. Gifts don’t always have to cost a lot of money or be bought at a store to be the perfect Christmas present. The amount of love you put in to it is worth more.

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