Old Fashioned Christmas – Christmas Traditions

Most every family has some sort of Christmas tradition, whether you realize it or not: hanging the stockings up on Christmas Eve, setting out cookies and milk for Santa, putting a star on top of the tree, baking Christmas cookies, or any number of other Christmas traditions.

Old Fashioned Christmas Traditions

Old Fashioned Christmas

Here at ‘Our Farmhouse Christmas’ we have a few Christmas traditions we’d like to share with you.

We all meet at my parent’s house early on Christmas Eve (around noon). While the adult women bake, the grand kids sneak off to the attic to come up with this year’s Christmas play they will perform before opening presents.

These Christmas plays have been made up over the years even though they are based on old Christmas stories: Frosty the Snowman, baby Jesus’ birth, and others.

The foods we serve are certainly nothing fancy. While many families are preparing turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, and rolls, we serve up handmade pizzas, dill pickles wrapped in dried beef, chicken pop-overs, sausage balls, and meat balls.

These are finger foods that we all can munch on all evening long. We also have a homemade cheese ball of some sort so we can grab a cracker and go. These are what make up our pre- Old Fashioned Christmas.

Before turning  in, the kids always feed the reindeer too. Below is the recipe we use to feed the reindeer on Christmas Eve.

Reindeer Food:

  • 1/4 cup of oats
  • 2 teaspoons of glitter
Pour both ingredients into a baggie and shake. Let the kids sprinkle the reindeer food around the yard. The reindeer will see the glitter sparkling in the moon light and land in the yard to eat the oats while Santa delivers the toys.
Just so you know – we have found deer hoof prints in our yard several times now!

More Christmas Traditions

When my husband and I first were married, Christmas at my in-laws was a bit different than I was used to. When it was time to open presents, someone would hand out presents while everyone opened. Now, this may not sound strange to you, but when I say ‘everyone’ opened, that is exactly what happened.

We sat around the Christmas tree and 10 people would be opening presents at the same time. No one saw anyone else open the gifts they bought for them and no one saw you open anything. Opening presents took a total of about 15 minutes and it was over.

What we do at ‘Our Farmhouse Christmas‘.

Our present opening Christmas tradition was much different. We all find a seat where we can see everyone else, especially the kids, and begin giving everyone at least 5 gifts. No one opens a single present until everyone is watching. That way no one misses out on seeing the person open the gift you bought.

Believe it or not, we normally start opening presents at about 4 o’clock and finish around 8 o’clock. Of course we don’t open presents the entire time, we have a couple of bathroom breaks, a snack break, and someone always gets a gift they want to open immediately and play with or try on.

We all enjoy a slow paced Christmas tradition that has lasted for more than 35 years. Believe it or not, my in-laws now do Christmas presents this way although they move a bit faster than we do. It only takes them a little over an hour to get through the gifts.


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